Japan Unleashes Casino Regulations for Regional Economy

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As casinos can be set up in Japan from 2023, expectations and concerns have crossed over society. Japan's National Assembly passed a bill to implement an " integrated resort " (IR) containing the rules for setting up casinos on July 20, the last day of the general elections. In Japan, a gambling game called ' Pachinko ' has a long history, but casinos have been banned because of their high addiction. 

The law calls for installing at least three IR facilities including casinos in Korea starting from 2023. To prevent gambling addiction, Koreans (aged 20 or older) will be admitted to casinos three times a week only until 10 days a month, and will receive an admission fee of 6,000 yen (about 60,000 won) per day. Thirty percent of casino operating revenues should be transferred to public projects such as promotion of tourism and welfare by the government and local governments. 

Opposition parties and civic groups have strongly opposed the legalization of casinos. They have been worried that the law banning gambling under criminal law would bring various side effects if gambling were legalized in the name of promoting tourism and promoting the local community. 

Some newspapers and broadcasters reported the current situation at Jeongseon casino in the form of a field shot. Opposition opinion was also dominant in various opinion polls. There is also a counterargument that the government's efforts to promote tourism will not be very effective.

However, there are also local governments that see casinos as a new opportunity to revitalize the local economy. Despite concerns over adverse effects, the government believes that economic gains will inevitably come. The Daiwa Research Institute predicted that there will be economic effects of 2 trillion won (approx.

NHK reported that so far, six local governments, including Hokkaido, Osakabu, Aichi, Wakayama, Nagasaki and Miyazaki, are planning to attract IR facilities including casinos. Local governments that hope to attract facilities should submit a plan to the government with the approval of residents. 

The Osaka Department aims to operate casino related facilities around 2024 prior to the bid to host the international fair in 2025. However, Tokyo, which was mentioned as a likely candidate, decided to make a decision on whether to apply for the bid after considering the pros and cons of gambling addiction.